KLIROS 2017 teaser 01 from nikos nikolopoulos on Vimeo.

Klíros ** sb’s land property || ticket bearing a name or a number, with which sb participates in a lottery orselection.

Klíros is a video/audio/sculptural installation, conceived and created specifically for Rick Lowe’s Victoria Square Project by filmmaker Nikos Nikolopoulos and art historian Artemis Zervou. The work evolves in the field of interaction between prospective or active Victoria Square residents and Victoria Square estate owners, and investigates ownership as the dominant negotiation constant, along with the ideological factors that prioritize the criteria of selection or exclusion and shape the policies of transaction. Victoria Square people’s first-person narratives inform the work, incorporated as here-and-now primary data sources.

Artists: Nikos Nikolopoulos – Artemis Zervou
Producer: Rick Lowe
Production Coordinator: Elli Christaki
Sound Composition: Dimitris Miyaki
Architectural Supervision: Haris Skapoulas
DCP Engineering: Angelos Mantzios

Specia Thanks:
Kalliopi Minioudaki

Bunja, Nicholas Dalianis,Manolis Glinos, Anna Glinou,Beatrice Ikharo, Maria Katsanaki, Dina Koumpouli, Dimitris Kourtakis, Annie Malama, Theodora Malamou, Milka Mufushwa, Hanna Oliynych, Nelli Papachela, Maria Papadimitriou, Antonis Rompos, Katerina Rotsou, Ersi Seirli, Anna Tahinci, Efi Zervou

all rights reserved by Nikos Nikolopoulos & Artemis Zervou