Wireless Gestures – An interactive installation project


The goal of the wireless gestures group has been to create an immersive, reactive environment, which facilitates audio/visual composition through various forms of play.

The primary wireless technology utilized within Wireless Gestures is that of the Speck. Provided by the “Speckled” computing, Specks allow for the creation of seamless wireless sensor networks via onboard radio transmission systems and relay algorithms.

The installation is using a communication network between Python and Java computing languages, Cycling74 Max/MSP Jitter application, two live cameras feeding Processing application and three projectors for the visual output.

The Wireless Gesture Group:

Dimitris Miyaki: Max/MSP/Jitter Patch authoring
Brad Strong: Video Editing, Concept Refinement, Site Design
Richard M.Peel: Processing Coding, Network Management
Nathan Petralia: Technical Assembly